Come and see us out of season

We'd love to see you in the autumn, winter or spring. Randers Rainforest is an all-year round attraction! Wet and windy autumns or cold, dark winters are perfect to spend a day in tropical temperatures surrounded by lush, green vegetation - not to mention the wildlife.

Choose the best times

Make the most of the last two hours of opening time, when the chances of seeing some of the best wildlife undisturbed are at their highest.

Child in a pushchair or pram?

You'll find getting around with a pushchair or pram can be difficult on some of the twisty, narrow paths, not to mention getting in the way of other visitors. That's why we provide buggies and baby carriers free of charge to anyone who needs them.

You can park your pushchair or pram in our covered pram park just outside the entrance. Ask in Information for help.


There are lockers in the wardrobe area in the foyer.
You will need a 2 kroner coin to use them.