We have 4 handicap parking bays within 25 metres of the main entrance and 8 metres to the nearest drop-off/pickup point. There is smooth asphalt from the car park and waiting area and a 2 metre-wide slabbed footpath to the main entrance.


More than half of the animals in the domes are free-roaming and we cannot therefore allow guide dogs inside. We have a ‘dog parking’ facility outside the entrance where you can leave your guide dog in safety. Ask at Information for help.


There is an elevator at the main entrance able to take wheelchairs and prams up to the foyer, and another one for access to the café and aquarium. There are benches all along the paths in the dome if you need to take a breather or just take in all there is to see. The elevators have minimum capacity of 300 kg with a platform of minimum 120 x 90 cm.


Handicap helpers have free entry upon presentation of an official helper's ID card.


The paths in the domes can be steep, but are designed to be accessible for wheelchairs with the exception of those up to the three viewing platforms (One in each dome). However, over 95% of the interior of the domes can be seen without access to the platforms, which are simply designed to view the dome interior from another angle.

To provide the genuine feel of a hike through a rainforest, some of the paths have a gradient of over 8% Wheelchair users in these areas need plenty of strength in their arms or help from a helper. The paths are never less than 90 cm wide and most places are over 200 cm.


There are handicap toilets in the picnic area of the Africa dome and in the foyer.

Accessibility certification

Randers Rainforest has been certified by the Danish Accessibility Association, fulfilling all the minimum requirements for 'marked handicap categories'.
Please refer to the fact sheet for good access for more details.