Good to know

When is the best time to visit Randers Regnskov? Can I park the car nearby? Do I need to wear leech socks, mosquito spray and a tropical helmet during my visit? Or ski underwear for when I go to visit the Ice Age? And what do I do with the dog in the meantime?

All that and much more you can find answers to below.

Randers Regnskov
Tørvebryggen 11
8900 Randers C

Phone: (+45) 87109999
Mail: [email protected]

Whether you are by car, bus, train, bicycle or foot, Randers Regnskov is easy to find! Randers Regnskov is just a few kilometers from the highway E45 and less than a fifteen-minute walk from both the bus and train station.

There are three parking lots with a total of approximately 1000 parking spaces within a distance of 25-300 meter from Randers Regnskov’s main entrance – including 4 disabled parking spaces.  

Two areas have free parking all year round, one is found on the other side of the railway bridge while the other is located on the other side of the blue bridge. The last area is paid parking all or part of the year.

  • It is prohibited to touch or feed the animals - unless otherwise stated.
  • It is not allowed to bring or consume ice cream and other foodstuff in the three, tropical domes, the nocturnal zoo and snake temple, as a large part of the animals here are free-living and find it difficult to keep their hands off the treats!
  • Smoking is prohibited – also in the outdoor exhibit! Smoking is only allowed in front of the main entrance of Randers Regnskov and on the designated smoking area on the terrace at Frilandsgaarden.

Randers Regnskov is for everyone!

So, we have made several measures to allow wheelchair users and others with walking difficulties to join us on an adventure. However, you should be aware that parts of the indoor exhibit have uneven paths with a slope of more than 8 %. We therefore recommend wheelchair users to bring a helper. 

  • 8 meters to the nearest to the nearest alighting and boarding place.
  • 4 disabled parking spaces 25 meters from Randers Regnskov's main entrance.
  • Lift with a capacity of at least 500 kg and a platform of at least 120 x 90 cm at the entrance.
  • Option to borrow a wheelchair (manual as well as electric) free of charge by asking in the information.
  • Accessible toilets in both the front hall and Frilandsgaarden.
  • Helpers get free entry on presentation of a companion card.

Space is limited in some parts of the indoor exhibit. We therefore advise against bringing baby prams and large pushchairs. Instead, bring a smaller stroller or a baby carrier for small children. You can also borrow one from us for free during your visit.

All you have to do is ask in the information.

It is not allowed to bring dogs and other pets in Randers Regnskov – neither in the indoor nor outdoor exhibit. If you need to bring your dog, you can borrow our “dog parking lot” for free during  your visit. 

Don't let the dog stay in the car!

The dog parking lot is outdoor and ensures that your dog has a roof over its head, shelter, shade and clean water. It’s a good idea to bring a blanket for it to lie on. 

Bring both indoor and outdoor clothes

Randers Rainforest consists of a 4,450 m2 indoor tropical exhibition, where the temperature is 22-30 degrees Celsius and the humidity close to 100%, as well as a 22,000 m2 outdoor exhibition, where you can meet the large, majestic predators up close.

So, remember to bring both indoor and outdoor clothes when you visit us.

When to visit?

Randers Regnskov is open all year round – also in the winter!

Most visit us during the school’s summer holidays (especially on rainy days – rain means LOTS of visitors!), so if you want a more undisturbed experience, we recommend that you visit us outside the high season and on days without rain. Also, if you visit us 2-3 hours before closing time, this is the time of day when we have the fewest visitors.