Delicious dishes for every taste

After a trip in the tropics, what could be better than a refreshing drink and a bite to eat? The Rainforest café serves a wide range of delicious dishes and drinks - some more exotic (and crunchy!) than others.

The Café closes for food sale 1/2 an hour before Randers Regnskov closes.



  • Our coffee mugs are 100% plastic free.
  • Our plastic mugs are made from recycled plastic from the oceans.
  • Our straws are gluten free. They are made from pasta and black rice.
  • Our coffee beans and cocoa powder are organic.
  • We do not offer beef – instead, we have chicken and pork on the menu.
  • Chicken and pork leave a CO2 footprint that is about 60-70% less than beef.
  • We have minimized the use of palm oil. We only use products that contain certified palm oil. (RSPO).
  • The increasing demand for palm oil is a problem since palm oil is often extracted at the expense of the world’s tropical rainforests.
  • Our frying oil is recycled as biofuel.
  • Vegetarian. Gluten free*. Food allergies and intolerances – ask the staff. *There can be traces of gluten.