Explore the dense, luxuriant Amazon rainforest

The 2000 m2 South America dome is packed with grottos and temples, waterfalls, rope bridges and an overgrown wooden hut that some say is home to a reclusive professor.

There’s plenty of wildlife here, from tiny, industrious leaf-cutter ants to voracious piranhas and massive gentle manatee.

Up close and personal with the monkeys

The South America dome is populated by a flock of miniature but cheeky monkeys - and they're always up to mischief! They often play on the rocks alongside the paths where you can see them at very close quarters.


Did you know that the top speed of the sloth is 4 metres per minute on ground?

Hide n'seek champion

A walk through the dense, lush jungles of the South America dome in search of the sloth is something close to a treasure hunt.


Explore the secretive Skull Grotto

Explore the nooks and crannies of a dark subterranean cave, home to giant anacondas, bird-eating spiders and hundreds of cockroaches, all in the company of free-flying bats.

The Skull Grotto is inspired by the Talgua Caves in Honduras, where over 200 neatly-stacked bones and skulls were found in the 1990s, which had been covered by a glittering layer of calcite deposits. The caves are believed to have been a holy burial chamber for an unknown civilisation living in the area before the Mayas around 3,000 years ago.

Tree Top Walking

Experience the South America dome from a totally different angle. You can walk through the treetops of the dome from the top of the Maya temple - if you dare - along a network of narrow, swinging bridges.