Explore the secrests of the temple

The sun is about to set!

On your way through the dense and sometimes impassable rainforest you suddenly see a clearing that reveals the ruins of a mysterious temple whose reliefs and statues take you back to a remote time.

Today, the temples has been taken over by the jungle but there is still plenty of life to see.

Get a glimpse of the nocturnal animals’s life

Meet the master of illusion

Play hide and seek with the tarantula

See colorful lizards

The world's longest snake

10 meters! This is the size of the largest reticulated python ever found. When fully stretched this specimen would be able to reach the 4th floor of a building.

Meet nature’s most spectacular creatures

You continue into the dark forest that surrounds the temple og see a reality so different that it almost surpasses your imagination. Here lives some of nature’s most spectacular creatures.

Meet them – and become amazed!

One of the kind

Beautiful? Naaa!
Cute? Well...!
Big and powerful? Not really!
Absolutely amazing? YES!

The naked mole rat neither looks, lives or behaves like any other animal on Earth. It is something completely unique.