Open air fun and play

That’s what DanmarksParken is all about. It’s a massive open area where the whole family can have fun on the sprawling adventure playground, pet the farm animals or just take a well-earned rest in the landscaped grounds.

DanmarksParken is open from March 24th to October 21st 2018.

What you can get up to in DanmarksParken:

  • Take in the view of the entire Gudenå valley from the 10-metre-high observation tower on the footbridge between the domes and the park.
  • Hunt for grass snakes, lizards and the edible snail - all of them common in this area.
  • Spend hours on the giant adventure playground, packed with fun and excitement for kids (and uninhibited adults) of all ages.
  • Mingle with the farm animals in the park.
  • See the spectacular NaturTalent animal show in the summer and autumn half-term holidays.
  • Enjoy a picnic in unique surroundings.
  • Buy refreshments and souvenirs at the kiosk by the park entrance.

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