Dive beneath the ocean surface

...and explore the rainforest of the sea - a coral reef. The "Siren" salt water aquarium takes you on board a Danish frigate shipwrecked in the West Indies in the 1700s. She was on her way to the Caribbean with a cargo of slaves when something went wrong and the ship ended up on the sea bed, where it now lies amongst psychedelically-coloured fish, coral, sea anemones and other aquatic curiosities.

Finding Nemo

We often hear delight in the voices of visitors to the aquarium when they recognise Nemo from the 'Finding Nemo' Disney film that made clownfish popular worldwide.


Plant or predator?

Sea anemones are widely believed to be submarine plants that live a peaceful life on the sea bed, but that couldn't be further from the truth! They are ferocious predators that live on other animals.