Explore the amazin African rainforest

A warm welcome awaits you in the 500 m2 Africa Dome in more than one way! Apart from the tropical temperature, the ever-curious lemurs will be there to check you out, backed by a cacophonous chorus of brightly-coloured birds. Remember to look up as you make your way through the dome to see the busy weaver bird males competing with each other to build the most artistic nest in the hope of attracting the most discerning female.

Follow the path and you may see the world’s smallest antelope, the blue duiker, and the enormous spurred tortoises, before crossing a minor maze of paths across a stream hopping from stone to stone.

Eye to eye with the lemurs

Even though the lemurs may come close, there's no need to be nervous - well maybe you should be. If they feel threatened, they can secrete a foul-smelling scent onto their tails and then wave them under your nose.


She wants a handy man!

The Village weaver males weave elaborate nests of grass and palm leaves to impress the females. Females fly from nest to nest, inspecting the craftsmanship of the males, and choose her mate from which nest she finds to be most suitable for her eggs to be laid in.