Explore the past through the present

‘A Journey Through Time’ has been realized with a financial support of DKK 16M from Nordea-fonden, and as a result of a new collaboration between Randers Regnskov, Randers Kommune and Museum Østjylland

A different type of adventure awaits in our 22,000 m2 outdoor area ‘A Journey Through Time’, where we take you on an exciting journey back in time and meet some of the animals, plants and people who once lived here in the area, but no longer do so – all in playful, authentic settings inspired by different eras, ranging from before the last ice age to now...yes, even into the future!

‘A Journey Through Time’ also guides you to special spots in the surrounding landscape where you can experience nature and find traces of past and future Denmark. We want to encourage our guests to get outside and realize how amazing and diverse the Danish fauna and flora is and has been through time.

See the great plains before the ice

The journey starts just before last ice age, when gigantic trees the size of a 30-floor skyscraper towered the landscape

- do you have the courage to climb one of them?

Back then, the landscape alternated between dense forests and large open plains, where Neanderthals and cave hyenas lived side by side. The cave hyena became extinct many years ago but lives on in a way in its close relative, the spotted hyena, which you can meet up close.

Meet the cat in the cold north

We also visit the Neolithic Age, when the population became more permanent residents, and the Eurasian lynx was still a frequent visitor in the Danish forests. The journey continues to the Iron Age, when it was not uncommon to end one's days in the bog of sacrifice

– so tread carefully when you walk through it.

Visit the age of domestication

‘A Journey Through Time’ also bring you to today’s Denmark and a whole new group of animals: The domesticated animals! These are carefully bred and selected versions of their wild ancestors – some with extra equipment such as extra ribs, enormous udders and large eyes. Get really close to both goats, pigs and cows and burn off some energy on the farm playground.

New exhibit in 2023: The Ice Age

We are at the end of the last Ice Age. A glacier several kilometers thick has covered most of Denmark for millennia but is now melting away, and all that remains are giant lumps of dead ice in the landscape.

In this year's new exhibit, you can explore the dead-ice landscape and see what is hidden in the ice, play in the reindeer hunter's camp and meet the curious prairie dogs as well as one of the North’s absolute top predators, the wolverine.