Join us on a tropical adventure

Stepping into Randers Rainforest is like stepping into another world. The air is warm and humid, filled with the sounds of cascading waterfalls and the richly diverse wildlife all around you. The lush, green environment is home to everything from tiny, industrious leaf-cutter ants to the majestic jaguar, whisking you from the cool temperature of northern Europe into a tropical wonderland in the blink of an eye.

Randers Rainforest is a living ecosystem undergoing constant change and there’s always something new to see – a unique day out for all ages!

A tropical experience for the senses

You don't have to go thousands of miles to experience the tropics. Randers Rainforest’s 3,600 m2 tropical zoo has it all - the heat, humidity, smells and abundant wildlife, currently standing at over 200 different species!

Did you know that Randers Regnskov is open 343 days a year?

Open air adventure

Go exploring in Basecamp Bushmaster, where a secretive professor lives side-by-side with the jaguar, the king of the jungle. Or go wild on DanmarksParken's adventure playground, where you can also meet the cutest farm animals, or watch the spectacular 'NaturTalent' show during the summer months.