Growing our efforts

The foundation was set up in 2010 to strengthen our efforts to protect threatened animal and plant species and entire ecosystems. We've focused on the rainforests of Ecuador for a large part of our history, and setting up the foundation made it possible to increase our efforts and to support a number of other wildlife conservation projects around the world, including at home in Denmark.

Randers Rainforest's Wildlife Foundation provides financial support to the following projects:

  • Rewilding in Vorup Water Meadows, including the first reintroduction of European bison in Denmark
  • Purchase and protection of rainforest in Bigai, Ecuador
  • EAZA's annual campaigns for threatened species
  • Research into and conservation of komodo dragons in Indonesia through the Wae Wuul project
  • Grants to students with relevance to biodiversity 
  • Reptile Village in Uganda
  • Rescue Center in Peru

The foundation’s funds go 100% to wildlife conservation, as all administration costs are paid by Randers Rainforest.