We love nature - and like to make a difference! That's why we were on top of the world when Randers Rainforest’s Nature Foundation managed to buy 620 hectares of land in 2012 in Bigai - an area in the heart of Ecuador’s verdant rainforest, and home to one of the densest populations of wildlife and plant species in the world. We now own over 1350 hectares of virgin rainforest that will be allowed to remain untouched as far as we are concerned - and we’re looking for more!

True biodiversity

What makes Bigai something special? Its diversity! Bigai borders the Sumaco Galeras national park, where the eastern slopes of the Andes meet the hot, humid rainforest. Together, they create the ideal conditions for extreme biodiversity, making Bigai a veritable treasure chest of fauna and flora.

Bigai is known as a 'hotspot' of biodiversity.

Who keeps an eye on Bigai?

The foundation has hired a local coordinator called Darwin and two local forest wardens to ensure the rainforest at Bigai remains untouched. Their names are Fernando and Patricio, and their primary job is to patrol the area, keeping unwelcome guests away. But they have another important job - checking the wildlife cameras we've put up around the area to get a peek at the incomparable wildlife found there.

Wildlife cameras in Bigai

We've set up a number of wildlife cameras around the rainforest we own in Bigai in the hope of getting a peek at the wildlife in the area. Fernando and Patricio regularly check the cameras to make sure they are working properly. Below are just a few of the thousands of photos and videos taken there.