We want to save the world!

The unwritten rule that says you shouldn’t think too highly of yourself – forget about it! We have a goal that we passionately aim to reach. We want to save the world!

We love nature – and we want to make a difference! When we in 2012 succeeded in purchasing 6 km2 land in Bigai, an area located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, we therefore couldn’t get our hands down. Today we own about 15 km2 unspoiled and absolutely amazing rainforest in Ecuador, that will remain unspoiled.

And we continue our work!

Although the videolinks to your right and below are in Danish, we hope you'll enjoy the beautiful images from our rainforest in Bigai.

Bigai is one of the world's most species-rich areas

Why Bigai?

What makes Bigai special?

The species richness!

Bigai borders the Sumaco Galeras national park, where the eastern slopes of the Andes meet the hot, humid rainforest. This creates ideal conditions for speciation and thus makes Bigai a veritable treasure chest of fauna and flora – a so-called hotspot for biodiversity.  

Want to help?

That’s great! Thank you very much for your support!

Donations can be made to Randers Rainforest’s Wildlife Foundation on:

IBAN: DK8471160001160321

All (and we mean all!) amounts are appreciated. The foundation’s funds go 100% to wildlife conservation, as all administration costs are paid by Randers Rainforest.

Who keeps an eye on Bigai?

As we speak, there are no humans living in Bigai – only lots of amazing nature.

However, south of the area fields with cocoa and coffee plants are widespread and forest is cleared to make space for cattle. Farmers are getting closer and closer, so we need to draw a line and say “no closer than this” if the area shall remain unspoiled.   

For that reason Randers Rainforest’s Wildlife Foundation has hired a local coordinator and two local forest guards. Together they patrol the area frequently and keep away poachers and other unwanted visitors. Also, they check the wildlife cameras we’ve installed in the area to get a sneak peek of Bigai's amazing wildlife.

Wildlife cameras in Bigai

We’ve installed several wildlife cameras to get a sneak peek of Bigai’s amazing wildlife. Here you can see a few of the many recordings. Below, you’ll also find some of the many pictures and videos that our award-winning photographer Brian Rasmussen has taken during one of his visits in Bigai.

Take a look!