We make a difference

Wildlife conservation is one of our most important causes, and we've made a notable difference over the years, locally and globally. We've even bought our own bit of rainforest in Bigai, Ecuador, where jaguars, anteaters, giant armadillos and other local species can continue to live undisturbed.

We also work locally on wildlife conservation and restoration through our involvement in ‘Vorup Enge’, the water meadows just behind Randers Rainforest. This project is designed to recreate valuable water meadows, to provide information on native flora and fauna and to help preserve some of the ancient Danish livestock species that have once grazed such areas.

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Our visitors make it possible

The moment you enter the doors and pay for your ticket, you make a significant contribution to preserving the rainforests of the world. Ever since we were founded in 1996, we have donated 1 kroner per admission ticket to wildlife conservation.